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Thank You to All Our Wonderful Customers Who Left Us Great Reviews

Mike – Our video is so awesome! You did a great job putting it together. Thank you so much.
We love the music & transitions and wow- just everything!!   Thanks Again – Michelle & Matt          

Mike & Sheila Thank you sooooo much for our wedding video. I can’t begin to tell you how much we love it.
I have already watched it 5 time and have had all my girlfriends over to watch it and we all think its amazing.
I think having our wedding video taped was the best decision we made. Even my mom said it was worth every penny!
We really enjoyed working with you and hope our paths will cross again. Thanks again for everything.
Kelly and Patrick  G

Mike (and Sheila) Speechless. I can’t wait to get the kids response.
We just finished watching both videos, and I am so impressed with both of them. I was in tears many, many times so you captured those
very special moments. I don’t think there was a thing you missed and I loved the short slide show at the end. it was all just wonderful.
A friend of our was here and he said he thought it was the best he has seen. He says he felt like he was still at the reception!
Thanks again for all your hard work and my son is proposing to his girlfriend Lauren in a few weeks and we will be sure to pass your name
to her mom because I would love to have you do both of our children’s weddings.
Your work is everything you promised and more, lots more. I am just delighted. Thank you again! Betty

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The video is wonderful! It brought tears to our eyes ( in a good way)!
I appreciated your courtesy & total professionalism at the wedding. We are truly impressed and
very happy with how our video turned out. Audrey & Nick

Dear Mike  We just watched our video and all we can say is WOW! You did a fantastic job. We can’t thank you enough
for this beautiful memory. It was so fun to go back and watch a day that flew by so quickly.
You did a wonderful job capturing the magic.     Lizzie & Matt

Oh My Gosh is all I have to say!! The video had me in tears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for documenting the most intimate details
of our wedding ceremony and reception. It is such an amazing experience just to watch the entire day again. 
I think that you should add a praise section to your web site so that your customers can tell everyone how fabulous
and talented you two are!!  Tiffany &Justin

Mike, I must say…THEY ARE AWESOME!!  It was absolutely amazing. Jeff loved them as well. You have a gift at capturing
the special moments of the day & making them even more special. Thank you so much. We have a few friends getting married within
the next 2 years & we will definitely recommend your services to them!!! Thank you again!

Mike You rocked it! It was exactly what we wanted and you delivered what you promised.
Our video was creative & fun just like we asked for. 
When you said you create to fit our style you were right!
Thanks for being so interested in what we wanted our video to be.      Stacey Ann 

Brandon and I wanted to send the biggest thank you in the world to you guys. We absolutely loved the videos and I can’t wait
until some of our friends and family can watch them with us. We laughed, I cried, and were just amazed
at things we didn’t know happened, things we forgot about, or things you couldn’t tell by
just a picture and it was all on film. We are so happy. Mike did such a great job at capturing small details
that really mean a lot to me. We felt our photographers missed some important things that day and they were
on the video, so I was thrilled.
Thank you again!!!  Brandon and Eliza


Mike, all we can say is thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We love our video so so much!
You captured it all, and it was wonderful to watch the day play back.
Priceless to us!!!!!! You made the day so special and were so easy to work with. You company will be recommended to all our friends.                                                                                        
Matt and Amanda    
Sheila & Mike,
Thank you so much for all of the time you put into our wedding video.  We absolutely love it! 
Having the ceremony and reception taped was the best decision we made.  The day goes by so quickly.  
You managed to capture all of the little things that we didn’t even realized happened.  It is definitely something we will treasure forever.
Thanks again for all of your hard work. We will be recommending you to all of our friends and family.  You did an excellent job!     Nicole L
Sheila and Mike,
We just wanted to let you know that we LOVE our video! I have watched it twice already and we are having the wedding party over this afternoon to watch it.
I have laughed and cried (in a good way) throughout the whole video both times!  I am so happy that you were there to capture the moments that would have been forgotten.  
On the day of the wedding everything goes by so quickly that it is hard to take it all in.  Now, thanks to you, we have the day captured forever.  
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Sincerely-L & J   
Dear Sheila and Mike
Re: Dennis and Molly
Thank you for an outstanding pictorial memento of their wedding. The coverage was wonderful, and you selected the special moments so very well.
I especially loved the way you caught the personality of people and the restrained and artistic editing. I cannot adequately express my pleasure and appreciation.
You are truly an artist. We are traveling to the US this summer, and plan be in St. Louis again this September,
to celebrate their first Wedding Anniversary. I look forward to being in contact with you and hope you will share a meal with us. With warm personal regards,  Vivienne
I am overwhelmed with Amber/Matt’s wedding video.  It is sooo perfect.  Thank you for taking the time to find such appropriate music for the video
and following their theme so well.  The music really added to the whole thing.  I have read the other testimonials & I can’t think of anything else to say but THANK-YOU
so very much for helping us to remember such a special day.  Also I really liked the way you captured the fireworks.
This letter seems soooo inadequate for all that you did for our daughter’s wedding.  Denise W.  
Amir and I absolutely LOVE LOVE our video!!! I for one, cannot stop watching it! Our family loves it and we cannot thank you enough
for capturing all of those little moments that matter to us that we missed.  It is wonderful watching the video and seeing how much people
enjoyed themselves as well! Thank you, thank you! The pictures that you took are also wonderful.. we did not get a lot of pictures of us
getting ready and these are just perfect to complete our album! Thank you!   Thank you so much for everything, we greatly appreciate it!                                                                                                 

Hi! The DVDs came today and we just watched the reception video!!! We love it!!!  It made me laugh and almost cry.  
I love the dance shots and the whole part of the reception. Also love the tidbits and the banter throughout the day.  
I didn’t realize I was so commanding at the stadium and Matt and I saw some of our favorite moments from the day!  
We saw parts of the day we had forgotten about and I love seeing guests reactions to things including Fredbird!!!  
Your slide show rocks too. The pics are great!!  I love them too!!!  He got so much of the reception…he stayed longer than the photographers!!
It worked out well b.c. Mike left after the ducky dance and that is one of my favorites. Also, Matt and I have some inside jokes about ducks
so I love the pic with my face between the bride and groom duck (his mom got those for us!!!) Thanks so much for everything!  
I can’t wait to watch the ceremony video too. Matt had to go to something at church so we will watch it later tonight or tomorrow.
Thanks again so much for everything!!!  We love it!!!   Angela 🙂  
Your videographer in St Louis 
Metro area & Southern Illinois!

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